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20 August 2010

Here I Come - 1st Anniversary Giveaway

hari ni en mahMOOD tak berapa marila...
lemau jer rasa... byk nak citer tp M sesangat... huhuhu...!!

join GA jerlah... kali nih anjuran AIN RUSLI
GA nih sempena ulangtahun thn pertama blog beliau....

tarikh tutup GA pada 1 September 2010

nak join, masuk SINI

nak tag korang jgk... hehehe!!

Az Rina

buat yer korang... jgn ngelat... korang yg tak kena tag pon, klu rajin nak buat, silakan.... mana tau ader rzki kan???

Gud Luck..!!


mamalieyna said...

good luck kak! ^_^

zue @ annaleeya said...

thks eina..

az rina a.k.a jaijina said...

ops, rina di tag le..okeh², nnti rina buat ye..gud luck kak..

zue @ annaleeya said...

buat tau...


.: Ain Rusli aka Ibu Qaisara:. said...

ibu qaisara dtg check GA..
lulus dah..hehehe..

thanks for joining ye..
nnt rajin2 la jengah blog ibu utk check update..

good luck!

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